Myths about web positioning


1. Page Rank does not matter
October 6, 2014, Google issued an announcement in which announced that it was a long time did not update and has no plans to update the Page Rank Toolbar. Therefore, many people said that Page Rank does not matter anymore, and ceased to exist. This is a myth. Simply put, PageRank is not as visible as before for all, but only to authorized persons and algorithms.

2. Google punishment for the lack of a mobile version of the site
By mid-April on the mobile search results do not come down with the major blogging sites, newsgroups and Internet for a search engine marketing. What more radical argued that the lack of a mobile version of the site will make it disappear from search results. Indeed, the lack of a mobile site has the most influence on the positions, but only in the case of mobile performance! On the possession or lack of standard pages RWD does not affect at all. Therefore, if I have a page available for mobile devices? If you want to lose 15% of potential customers, because it is just as much part of the mobile traffic in Poland, the page RWD is not anything you needed.

3. Optimization is not necessary, enough links
Without a robust optimization is not possible to enter the page on the top positions. Therefore, each positioning process should be preceded by a robust and reliable audit, which will be enacted before positioning. Professional Internet pages are optimized at the stage of their creation.

4. Quality of links does not matter, what matters is the amount of
Once I had a number of links, the more of them that were higher in the organic results was a party. They do not count the quantity and the quality. Quality, which is the source from which they come. To achieve maximum results should be diversify, but put both independently and through linkbaiting, which can bring us the best quality natural links.

5. Catalogs evil
The massive use of directories and relying on their SEO strategy, hoping that in this way we achieve top positions is not a good idea. Excess directories is a very common reason for a manual penalty. However, manually adding pages to quality directories as well as the catalogs of companies may improve your ranking. Directories is a place where we can find all the professional Internet stores!

6. AdWords affects the positioning
Purchase AdWords does not translate in any direct way on the position of the page. It will not occur a situation in which we pay for advertising, and in return improve the Google ranking of our site. However, paid advertising can indirectly affect our positions! Using the AdWords increase the number of entrances to the site and there is a probability that the visitors will place somewhere a link to our website.

7. 301 redirect does not transfer penalties
It is a myth, which many people often forget. 301 redirect carries a penalty, and the worst step in what we can do if you receive a penalty from Google is to redirect the old domain to the new punished.

8. nofollow links have no value
Another myth. Nofollow links are twofold value. First, they serve to build traffic redirects, and the second profile are building natural links. Professional SEO Internet is based on acquiring links of any type.

9. reached a predetermined position (top1, top 3) the end of the positioning
Achieving the first position is not the end. This is basically the beginning of the positioning, because the whole time care should be taken to the results page maintained. Our observations indicate that the abandonment of work for a month brings negative effects and downs.

10. SEO is the same as positioning
In everyday language, so, however, specifying: SEO site optimization for search engines, while the positioning of this action, whose aim is to improve visibility in search results. For positioning consists, generally speaking, SEO and linkbuilding.

11. You can buy the item from Google
The organic results is impossible. The position of Google can be bought only in the case of Google AdWords ads, but the results are not organic! Therefore, if someone says he can buy guaranteed positions in Google's find a better company that performs professional positioning, rather than trying to pull money out of us.