Reasons why Internet users leave websites


The worst, however, is that a large group of never coming back at her. Why? Because I made them terrible first impression. Here's a collection of the most common mistakes when creating a website, which makes the site is shut down quickly by the viewer.

1. Long charging up website
Do not count on it that your potential customers will devote as much time to become familiar with the offer, how much it will spend on the charge. Sorry ... They forever in a hurry. Just as irritating to look out for their bus, just put off by heavy, long charging a website. After more than 3 seconds to upload your site, you must reckon with the fact that 40% of users have time to get away from it.

2. Few attractive layout
It is said that one should not judge a book by its cover, but on the other hand we know that the first impression is the most important - it is the first few seconds will decide whether further users will want to delve into your site, and it quickly flee. Unsightly - chaotic or flashy graphic design feed to blindness very disgusting reception website. Therefore, when designing a website can do without aesthetic sense, is also useful bit of knowledge about the UI.

3. Incorrect choice of typeface and font size
Reading a part of the text on the website takes about 20% longer than reading the same fragment on traditional paper. What is more, online text readers are much more distracted by various types of links and embellishments and it is much harder for them to read with understanding. And as we mentioned, users are still in a hurry, so it is not worth them to slow them down with micro fonts. And do not count on the fact that the users themselves enlarge it, this type of treatment only practices a small percentage. The recommended minimum size is 16px, forget about the popular twelve. Nevertheless, you can not overdo it the other way, hardly anyone likes to read huge letters. Also, remember that when creating websites, do not enter too many font types (max 3) and limit them to the most-known ones.

4. Low-read text and lack of hierarchy in the substantive content
There was talk about the size of the fonts, but that's not all, the structure of the text is equally important. The dense text makes it difficult to retrieve the information sought, condemns the users to read all the content from cover to cover. Therefore, it is worth dividing the text into more pleasant paragraphs and, if possible, giving them subtitles. You can also try to select the most important information. Users also like text in the form of a bulleted list. And one more thing, avoid too long lines. The maximum line should be up to 75 characters long.

5. websites without mobile version
Users increasingly surfing the Web via mobile devices, responsiveness is already mandatory "must have". If you are creating a website you take care of it, it would be nice to show in smartphones very life easier for its users, and they will give you for it will respond.

6. Too intrusive advertising
This is a common problem for bloggers, but not only. Earning earnings, however, keep in mind that users are not stupid and do not just go on the pages to spend money. Not only that, they are more and more aware and they are approaching ads with increasing distance. In addition, advertisements distract and hinder the reception of content, the biggest horde of users are pop-ups with sales messages.

At the end
Internet users do not immediately read web pages from cover to cover. They scan them and very quickly decide whether to read the content more carefully or not. So if you take care that the first moments on your website are pleasant for the reader, it will be much more willing to get acquainted with the presented offer. Since the user has already come to you, make sure that he stays with you for a little longer than 5 seconds.